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Adopt B4 You Shop

If you don’t have a pet yet, think about adopting before buying from a private breeder or pet shop.  Due to the lack of sterilizing pets on Oahu, there is a huge overpopulation of strays.  The Hawaiian Humane Society is one of the few shelters on Oahu that receives over 80 animals a day.  Not all of them are fortunate to find a forever home before their time is cut short.  Please kindly check your local animal shelter for current listings of animals waiting to be rescued.  Both of our mascots, Joey and Bugz, are rescues from Los Angeles, California.  Remember, having a pet is a huge responsibility and should not be taken for granted.  If you’re not quite ready for that kind of commitment yet, consider fostering a pet until the organization can find them a permanent home.

We have listed both animal shelters and rescue foundations on Oahu.  If you know of any you would like to add to the list or for a neighboring island, please contact us.  We will try to keep this information updated and accurate as possible.  Mahalo for your kokua.

Oahu SPCA – the largest no-kill animal shelter in Hawaii located at 91-153 Hanua St, Kapolei, HI 96707 General Information, Ph: (808) 754-1519 | Adoptions, Ph: (808) 754-1510
Hawaii Dog Foundation – an all-volunteer, no-kill rescue group that finds foster families for dogs.  This is not a physically standing animal shelter so, you may view their selection online or by attending one of their adoption events. General Information, Ph: (808) 782-8387 | Adoptions, Ph: (808) 256-6927
Hawaiian Humane Society – an animal welfare organization striving to raise public awareness about proper care, feeding, and humane treatment of animals.  They are Oahu’s only open-admissions shelter located at 2700 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96826.  To adopt, please call (808) 356-2218 | Foster Care, Ph: (808) 356-2229 | Volunteer, Ph: (808) 356-2222
Fur-Angel Foundation - the FAF is a locally grown animal rescue on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It's purpose is to rescue underprivileged, unwanted animals, and strengthen the human-animal bonding in our community by educating the public about animal welfare. They are always seeking foster care for puppies and small dogs until they're able to place them in a fur-ever home. Ph: (808) 763-8663 | Email: | or visit

In January of 2008, Shelsea was about to graduate with her Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Marketing and Management at the Art Institute in Los Angeles, CA.  Moving away from HI had been difficult the past two years and she was ready for a companion of the furry sort.  She went to three nearby animal shelters when she came across a very timid black and tan Miniature Pinscher in Burbank.  She walked up to his kennel and he got up from his bed and sniffed her hand.  He was about one year old and 8lbs.  One of the volunteers offered to take him out towards the play area in the back and let him run around with her.  She instantly fell in love with this MinPin and asked if she could take him home with her that day.  Unfortunately, he had recently been found and to be held for a week in case the owner came to claim him.

A week went by and Shelsea skipped her eight o’clock morning class, went to Target to buy supplies, and parked her car at the Burbank Animal Shelter.  As she waited for the shelter to open, more cars and people started to walk towards the closed front door.  She was not going to let that discourage her.  Especially since she had already bought a leash, collar, food, and feeding bowls. 

After everyone entered in to the building and identification was noted, the shelter volunteer asked who was interested in the MinPin.  Eight palms rose in the air.  “Alright, how ‘bout you all pull a raffle ticket?” and the man held out a clear glass jar and they each reached in to pull one out.  Shelsea held her ticket tightly and said a silent prayer to her self as she shut her eyes.  One digit at a time was read aloud and she opened each eye as the last two digits were called out.  She shouted ecstatically as she held her ticket in the air, “That’s my number!”

They brought Joey out for a few moments so she could hold him and informed her that he would have to be neutered at a local veterinarian clinic before she could take him home.  Still overjoyed, she quickly agreed, gave Joey a hug and a kiss goodbye until tomorrow.  It was definitely worth missing her Fashion History class and she was happy to come home to Joey every day.

It was Easter Sunday of 2010 and Shelsea had just finished surfing with her roommate and their longboards were stacked inside the passenger side of her Passat wagon.  They were on their way to meet their friends at a Hawaiian restaurant and were searching for parking.  A small movement out of the corner of her eye had her suddenly bounce in her seat.  She spotted a little golden Chihuahua trotting along the curb without a care in the world.  She slowly pulled the car over and put it in to park and carefully walked around behind and knelt down on the sidewalk.  Their eyes met and the Chihuahua stopped in his tracks.  She patted her knee and called out to him, “Where’s your mommy?”  He paced half way towards her and lay on the grassy curb wagging his tail.  “Come here! Where’s your mommy?” She called again and he quickly ran up to her, jumped in her arms, and kissed her face.  As she held him in her arms, she knew she couldn’t resist keeping him.

Shelsea turned to face her roommate patiently and anxiously waiting in the car with Joey peering out the window.  “Christina!  Check out this dog I just found!”  She exclaimed as she opened the car door and placed the Chihuahua on her surfboard.  He instantly got along with Joey as he tested Joey’s tolerance by running back and forth on the board. 

“Dude, what if someone lost this puppy?” Christina asked as the pup jumped on her lap.  So, they took him to the nearest shelter to see if he had a microchip.  The receptionist at the counter scanned him and nothing came up.  He didn’t even have a collar.  “What are the chances of me getting him back after a week?” Shelsea asked the receptionist.  “He’s really cute, so…not likely.  Why don’t you just keep him?”  Christina was okay with another dog so, that was that. “I shall call you ‘Bugz’ since I like Bugs Bunny [from Looney Tunes] who resembles the Easter Bunny,” she smiled as they drove towards the restaurant and found shaded parking.  Her friends greeted the newest member of their family and everyone instantly adored Bugz. 

As it turns out, he has big bug eyes and likes to chase bugs.  Joey and Bugz are inseparable to this day and Joey hasn’t tried to chew his way through the front door to chase after mommy anymore.  Since Bugz wasn’t adopted from an animal shelter, Shelsea paid for all of his shots and eventually got him neutered as well.

In January of 2011, she went through the painstakingly long process of preparing to bring them back with her to Oahu. They love running along the beach and posing for Island Doggie photographs.  Follow Joey and Bugz on Instagram and Facebook for the latest Island Doggie pics and styles.