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Pawduct Review

Lighting Soft Paws


I always appreciate it when my customers leave me thoughtful reviews and enjoy doing the same when I find a product I love. Recently, I found a fellow handmade doggie business on Instagram @lightningsoftpaws. The owner, Jaime, created a line of natural paw care products inspired by her dog, Kai, who was adopted from the desert. She makes creams and balms to condition and protect your furbaby's paws.

Lightning Soft Paws-Paw Shield-Soft Paws Cream

So, I contacted her and she generously sent us the Paw Shield and Paw Cream in exchange for a couple of photos and my honest review. Joey, my miniature pinscher, volunteered to try the cream. He typically has rougher paws than my dearly departed Bugz The Chihuahua. I took about a dime sized amount of cream from the jar and rubbed it between my fingers a little and applied it to Joey's left paw in a circular motion until it dissolved into his skin. See the video (below) for the stunning instant results and compare his two front paws. This cream smells sweet & minty so, I'm guessing it's got peppermint oil in it, but it's not described on the label in this particular item I received. I believe it's the "Fresh" scented cream listed on Etsy. It is made with shea butter which is a natural moisturizer containing both vitamins A and E, all natural and guilt-free. Joey was wise enough not to lick his paws and appeared to enjoy the pampering.

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As for the Paw Shield, it's made of essential oils, shea butter and soy wax. Use it to protect your pets paws from hot, cold, or rough terrain. Also, great if you take your dog hiking, on long walks or playing in the snow. If the ground is too hot to press the back of your hand on it for a few seconds, than it's too hot for your doggie to set his paws down. The Paw Shield smells like winter in a cabin - very fresh and woodsy.


She also makes Paw Soap and Sniffer Soother! I look forward to seeing what else she whips up in the future. Joey gave this product two paws up!


Wags and aloha,



*If you own a small doggie business of handmade goods that I don't make and would like me to feature your product on the Doggie Blog and @islanddoggie on Instagram, please contact me at

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