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Honolulu Night + Market: Pow Wow Hawaii!

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The Honolulu Night Market (HNM) collaborated with mural artist group, Pow Wow Hawaii on Saturday, February 6 at their warehouse on 449 Cooke St. This was our first event of 2016 and we're sure glad we signed up to be a vendor! It's always a relief and rewarding when we're able to  make up the cost of the vendor registration fee.

My mom usually helps me at markets and we arrived around quarter to four in the afternoon to setup our booth. Even though the HNM provides you with wall space, you never know what type of display setup you'll have until you get there. Since I make small pet accessories like the bandanas and bow ties, I need straight bars or short racks. Thankfully, they placed a straight rack to the right of the booth. However, I was boggled as to how I was going to use the wall space with three rectangular boxes screwed onto the wooden plank wall.


Hokulani (above right), the popular Pomeranian on Oahu, came to visit us in her Chinese New Year attire.

About a half-hour later, I realized, "Shoot, I didn't bring enough hangers." Fortunately, I called my husband and he was able to grab a couple packs and arrived shortly with our daughter, Coral. They ran around exploring while my mom shouted out a fantastic idea that vaguely crossed my mind, "Why don't we tie string tightly around the boxes and hang the bow ties and bandanas around the string?" Brilliant! I always pack a roll of string, scissors, and tape for times like these. Trying to weave the string behind, through and up those wooden planks was tricky. Sooner than I knew it, everything was falling into place and I knew exactly how to merchandise the wall: color coordinated, sale items segregated, bandanas on hangers on rods (requested) below. It's a good thing I brought the bamboo pole and painted TV dinner tables or else I wouldn't have had enough hanging space for the rest of the bandanas and poopie bag dispensers.

We had finished setting up just before 6pm and my mom went scouting for food on Cooke St among the sea of people and plethora of tasty choices. My favorite was the ahi sliders from Sushi Sliders - fried Kale topped with guacamole and a nice chunk of fresh raw ahi drizzled with a sriracha mayo, garnished with green onions. My mouth still waters just thinking about it. One of my friends aided me with a creamy iced tea from Tasty Tea. She's such a doll.


I finally got to browse a little towards the end of the night (10-ish) and found the cutest brass pineapple shot glasses from Alohilani Boutique. Angela is not only beautiful, but sweet as well. I will definitely check out her online shop of local goodies in the future. I also managed to snag a cute "Share the Shaka" t-shirt for Coral from Of One Sea by designer, Maryam. They have so many cute beachy things for the whole family.


That night, I was offering any one who followed @islanddoggie on Instagram a 10% discount and free shipping for orders placed that evening. I like to do those sort of things as a kind gesture to show my appreciation. Mahalo nui loa to everyone for their support and I hope to continue serving up stylish threads for your fur-babies in the future. Look forward to our next event at the Hawaii Pet Expo on May 7th and 8th at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center, Exhibition Hall. Be sure to follow us for updates, specials, and other events on Instagram, Facebook, and sometimes Pinterest.



Pictured above (clockwise from top to bottom): Flotsam & Co owner and her dog Copper, Joshua & Kintsugi, Jason & Thor, and Princess

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