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Hawaiian Humane Society: Pet Walk 2015

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Island Doggie will be attending this year's Pet Walk to help raise funds for the Hawaiian Humane Society and show off our stylish swag too. We hope you will either help contribute to our fundraising page or simply join us on Sunday, October 11 at Ala Moana Beach Park at 8:00am. Make sure to have a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast! Don't forget to dress your pet in their favorite Island Doggie harness. Keep your pet on a lead and don't forget to scoop the poop with our Poopie Bag Dispenser. Mahalo for your kokua.


Alright, I'll admit it, we were not at the Pet Walk exactly at 8am, but 8:18am. My husband dropped us off at Magic Island while he went to go hunt for parking. With Coral in her stroller, and Bugz and Joey on their leash beside us, we headed over to the Subaru Forester to donate some Island Doggie swag - three bow ties and two toys. Then, we checked in at the registration booth and collected our "Mahalo" ticket for a free Pets in Paradise calendar for raising over $100. Much mahalo to Wendy of San Diego, California for helping us out! After that, we walked over to the Mahalo Booth where we traded our ticket for the calendar. We leisurely walked around the "short course," which is just around Magic Island Beach Park, not the entire Ala Moana Park. We stopped to say, "Hello," to another couple with their 9-month old baby and dog. Right before we neared the finish line, my husband finally called to say he was going to meet us there. He ended up parking all the way at the opposite end of Ala Moana Beach.
It's really encouraging to have all the volunteers at every so many yards cheering you and your dogs on towards the finish line. Once you get there, a whole bunch of people are cheering for you - my husband included, and you walk under a huge archway of yellow, green and blue balloons. It's not like it's a marathon, but damn, it was humid today. Good thing it was slightly cloudy and they had bowls with ice water at some booths for the dogs and cups of water for us humans.
My husband took Coral and waited under a big tree while the boys and I wandered through the crowd. We stopped to drink some water, took a photo at the Subaru booth and completed a survey for some free stuff; and went to visit our friend, Eileen, who was giving doggie massages. She's part of a group known as Animal Communicators Hawaii who do lost animal searches, canine healing touch, reiki, and pet blessings.Very interesting and effective work for those who are willing to be patient and listen with an open-mind.
More importantly, we ran into a couple previous customers and handed them FREE SHIPPING coupons since they're dogs were sporting Island Doggie goods. It's always great to see our merch on your doggies and we want to thank you all for your support.
1. Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter, 2. Subaru plastic pet waste bag dispenser (given to those who post a photo of them in the picture frame #subiepets and #petwalk2015), 3. Subaru collapsible water/treat bowl, 4. HHS Akamai Pet Guide, 5. HHS ribbon for participation, and 6. HHS Pets in Paradise 2016 calendar
Please come visit us at our next event at the Kaneohe Pet Fair at King Intermediate on Sunday, November 8th from 8am-2pm. Malama pono.
A hui hou,
The Island Doggie Ohana

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